Howto set up Brother printer/scanners (Debian)

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Howto set up Brother printer/scanners (Debian)

Postby bmc5311 » November 13th, 2011, 5:14 pm

How to set up Brother printers & printer/scanners (all-in-ones)
Discussion thread can be found here:
It seems that Brother has aimed most of their new drivers at ubuntu, they are listed as debian/ubuntu, but the actual install is for ubuntu (and we all know ubuntu is not debian). If you follow the directions at the Brother website, it won't work for Debian as written, the instructions below have been customized for Debian testing (wheezy at the time this howto was written).
Download the drivers from here:
Printer - install printer driver:
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dpkg  -i  --force-all  (lpr-drivername)

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dpkg  -i  --force-all  (cupswrapper-drivername)

**note: you'll have to use "force-all" if you are installing a 32bit driver on a 64bit system, if your not, then don't use it.

** Edited 09/19/2015 thanks to ragarwal74
.. your instruction took me to the right directions. I had to spend some time to research that you also need to install 2 other deb packages for this to work --- these are not installed by default on modern debian.

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apt-get install lib32z1 lib32ncurses5

Check to see if it's installed:
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dpkg -l | grep Brother

my output:
More: show
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ii  brhl2150nlpr                       2.0.2-1                          Brother HL-2150N LPR driver
ii  brscan2                              0.2.5-1                          Brother Scanner Driver
ii  cupswrapperhl2150n           2.0.2-1                          Brother HL2150N CUPS wrapper driver
ii  mfc885cwcupswrapper        1.0.1-1                          Brother CUPS Inkjet Printer Definitions
ii  mfc885cwlpr                       1.0.1-1                          Brother lpr Inkjet Printer Definitions
**Note: above is mine, yours will be different.

**For Network Connection:
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nano /etc/printcap

replace ":lp" line with the following 2 lines
:rm=(ip address of your printer)\

set up the driver in CUPS
- remember to login as "root"
Scanner - install scanner driver:
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dpkg  -i  --force-all  (scanner-drivername)

**note: you'll have to use "force-all" if you are installing a 32bit driver on a 64bit system, if your not, then don't use it.

**For Network Connection (this is for Brother's brsane2 drivers - yours may be brsane or brsane3):
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brsaneconfig2  -a  name=(name  your  device)  model=(model  name)  ip=xx.xx.xx.xx

RTFM (man sane) -
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sane-find-scanner -q

my output:
found USB scanner (vendor=0x04f9, product=0x01da) at libusb:001:005

**Note: above is for my scanner, yours will be different.

If installing on a 64bit system:
copy the following files from /usr/lib64/ to /usr/lib/.

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mkdir /usr/lib/sane

Copy the following files from /usr/lib64/sane/ to /usr/lib/sane/.

add user to group "scanner"

Make a new udev rule to give normal users (not root) access to the scanner:
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nano /etc/udev/rules.d/10-scanner.rules

put this in it:
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GROUP:="scanner", Mode:="660"

EDITED 01/07/2012 - seems that for some reason the Mode:="660" gives a udev error and a regular user is unable to scan. I removed [, Mode:="660"] and all works again as it should. I'm now running sid, the original howto was written when I was running testing, not sure if that makes a difference..?

**Note: the above is for my scanner, the rule will have to be customized to your paticular unit.

That should do it.
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