Virtualization issue

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Virtualization issue

Postby Niki » June 28th, 2018, 2:57 pm

Hello. I have an old kernel where all stuff if working okay. I tried like 4 different new kernels and I have same problem at all.
When I just PC and log in LightDM, i get to desktop for 1 second and then I get kicked to LightDM back, after I login one more time it's all okay and I enjoy it. But I have issues with KVM and VirtualBox.
I can run KVM and start machines but when I open them I get kicked back to LightDM, if I log in back I get kicked again. If I login one more time all my running applications are closed except running Virtual Machine(it's running but it's not opened, if I try to open it I get kicked again).
Using Virtualbox, I can run and open Virtual Machines but after few time (2-10min) I get kicked as well. When I login back Virtual Machine is turned off

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Re: Virtualization issue

Postby CwF » September 4th, 2018, 1:25 am

long shot... I had an issue like that with a complex 6 eth port setup that turned out to be a freaky network error somehow kicking me out. But it took an external dhcp renewal to trigger it. Log through the logs for weird net events that kill VT7, or 8. Can't remember how I figured it out? Good luck...
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