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Re: Trying OpenBSD

Postby cynwulf » February 5th, 2016, 11:59 am

JohnDeere630 wrote:My wireless card arrived today, and getting it working was a lot easier than I expected. It almost set up itself. I had to add a file with a single line in /etc/host.athn0 and it worked like a charm. Wireless g isn't a problem for me, as my internet speed isn't that fast anyway, and I don't plan to swap huge files around.

JohnDeere630 wrote:It seems kde4 on openbsd is a cast-iron turd; bugs galore, and seemingly little desire to fix them. Maybe another year or so on that front. I am trying xfce again for the first time...I'm not sure if I like it or not yet...time will tell. Getting my HP printer to work is next on the project list.

Bear in mind that OpenBSD is just the base OS. Everything else you install via pkg_add is a port. The quality of the KDE4 port depends on the number of people working on it and the time they put into it. Last time I tried it was probably around 5.5-release and it was perfectly usable back then, if a bit slow on my hardware.

JohnDeere630 wrote:My only real complaint is the relative scarcity of relevant trouble-shooting info. I got lazy with linux, just pasting the error into google and usually finding a solution. The same approach to OpenBSD isn't nearly as easy.

That's because it's not a valid approach for OpenBSD. It's not Linux. It does not have a community of users on forums asking repeat questions and posting guides and howtos, etc. Buying a book and/or reading man pages and FAQs is. Support is via mailing lists and asking developers, rather than forums and if you do go to a mailing list you need to ensure that you provide all of the correct info. It comes with experience. As I said: it's not for everyone.
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Re: Trying OpenBSD

Postby JohnDeere630 » February 6th, 2016, 2:25 am

Well geez...reading the documentation (once you find it) really helps. Who knew? LOL
/usr/share/docs/pkg-readme/kde* contains some pretty good stuff. I haven't done the steps yet, but it's a place to start. When you say OpenBSD is nothing like linux, you ain't just a wooffin'
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