Xfce: How to add a favourite files list to the panel

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Xfce: How to add a favourite files list to the panel

Postby demosthenese » June 16th, 2011, 7:09 am

Discussion is HERE

Purpose: A user controlled 'favourites' list has the advantage over the 'recently used' files of not including all those look at/listen to once files that were visited today, but instead actually listing those files you repeatedly want to go back to.

Step 1: Create a folder that will hold the file list, e.g.

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$ mkdir ~/.favourites.links

Step 2: Add a custom action to thunar to put shortcuts to your favourite file into the folder



the action command is

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echo "[Desktop Entry]\nEncoding=UTF-8\nName=%n\nExec=xdg-open %f\nType=Application" > ~/.favourites.links/%n.desktop

[Note: the reason for making a desktop entry rather than a simple link, is that a link would have a different path when launched, which will upset the relative addressing of embedded files.]

Step 3: Add a Directory Menu to the panel and point it at the favourites folder

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