How to turbo boost your web browsing experience

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How to turbo boost your web browsing experience

Postby debil » June 28th, 2013, 7:38 pm

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How to turbo boost your web browsing experience with Iceweasel+Pentadactyl+YubNub combo

Use Iceweasel/Firefox (has support for Pentadactyl addon)
Install Pentadactyl (enables Vim-like, highly customizable, keyboard-driven WWW browsing)
Install YubNub search engine into IW/FF (enables handy, highly customizable YubNub commands and removes the need to visit the YubNub page to do so)

If you're into Vim (and programs that use vim-like keybinds) and keyboard driven computer use in general, the following may be of interest. If not, well, grab your beloved mouse and click whatever button that gets you the hell out of here ;)
How to boost your web browsing experience in two steps:

Step 1: Install Iceweasel (if you haven't already). All of this could be done with a lighter, properly configured browser (luakit, conkeror, uzbl et al) but we're doing it with IW now.

Step 2: Install Pentadactyl addon. If you're using some newer version of IW, be sure to install Pentadactyl from the Nightly section. It's also in the Debian repositories (xul-ext-pentadactyl), so again, depending on your IW version, it might work too. Haven't tested myself.

Congrats! You have now boosted your browsing experience.

There are lots of tutorials and whatnots about Pentadactyl out there so I'm not going to delve into its intricacies too much. Also, it has extensive documentation built-in (just like Vim). Type :h to get started. Don't panic if your menubar and toolbar disappeared, that's how it's supposed to be. They're not needed. Of course, you can get them back by typing :set go+=mT) if so wished.

However, that's not enough to turbo boost your web browsing experience.

How to turbo boost your web browsing experience in two steps:

Step 1: Install YubNub search plugin in Iceweasel. Get it here. Get the "Mirror -" version. UPDATE (12/2013): Choose the "official" YubNub, it's up now, unlike the mirror. I can't remember the exact procedure of adding a search engine into IW, but I'd imagine it's done via "Manage Search Engines..." (left-clicking at the default search engine icon in toolbar). In case Pentadactyl already uncluttered your GUI by hiding the toolbar, get it temporarily back by typing :set go+=T. Set the YubNub default.

Step 2: There's really no step two. The only thing to do now is to get used to power of this combination, ie. keyboard-driven WWW browsing utilizing YubNub commands without the redundant visiting of YubNub page.

Use Pentadactyl's :help. It has everything.

Create a configuration file for it (~/.pentadactylrc). Remember to at least include set ds=yubnub-ktamas-com in it. It sets the default search engine.

Check out the multitude of YubNub commands: hit tls<enter> to list all YubNub commands in a new tab.
More efficient way is to include a search term: tls debian<enter> to list Debian related commands.
There are a *lot* of useful ones out there that really put the "turbo" before the "boost" here.
E.g. search this very site with dufo search terms,
don't remember what that 1337 acronym meant? type oacro rtfm<enter> to get the answer in current tab,
just search something with DuckDuckGo: ddg something,
or use Startpage for a change: j something else,
don't know the fancy English word you read somewhere? type w[i]dict aposiopesis<enter>[i] to get answers in a new window,
and so on and so on. The best thing is that if you can't find a handy command from the available ones, create it yourself.

Apologies for a confusing piece of scribbledabble mimicking a HowTo and happy hac... browsing!

ETA: tl;dr
ETA: Info about mirror being down and official engine being up.
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