encfs encryption

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encfs encryption

Postby nadir » April 20th, 2012, 2:51 am

Discussion is here:

Using encfs is very easy.
I used cryptkeeper for a while, but often don't use the gui
(and setting up a new directory with it is a click-marathon too).
"I think you really must use the full path for both arguments when using encfs and _especially_ fusermount -u"

1)First install it
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apt-get install encfs

If necessary add the user to the fuse group:
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adduser <user_name> fuse

If necessary load the fuse module
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modprobe fuse

2) Create a directory:
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mkdir -p ~/Tmp/.stuff ~/Tmp/stuff
encfs ~/Tmp/.stuff ~/Tmp/stuff

Note: for the second command, encfs, the full path is needed, as far i can tell.
I don't know about the further options when first setting up a directory. I pick the defaults.

3) To umount
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fusermount -u ~/Tmp/stuff

4) cryptkeeper
is a gui backend.
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apt-get install cryptkeeper

and click your way.

That's it. Just a hint.
Thanks and all the honor goes to debian-grimoire from riseup.net
(no need to go there, it doesn't say more).
If you need something more fine grained look at this how-to:
by fsmithred about cryptsetup.
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