Make a split rar archive (from the CLI)

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Make a split rar archive (from the CLI)

Postby Hallvor » November 4th, 2011, 8:27 pm

This can be handy if you for some reason want to split files into several archives to the size of your liking.

First you need to install rar (non-free):

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aptitude install rar

Now we are ready to make the archive. Navigate to the directory your files are. Usage is as follows:

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rar a -m0 -v15M thenameofmyarchive fileIwanttoinclude1.avi fileIwanttoinclude2.pdf

rar - starts rar....
a - adds file(s) to the archive
-m0 - determines compression level (0=store ... 3=default ... 5=maximum)
-v15M - determines size of each split rar-file. 15M means 15 megabytes. (If you want something very small, e.g. 512kB, use -v512k)
thenameofmyarchive - output archive. (Do not add an extension. This will be added automatically.)
fileIwanttoinclude1.avi fileIwanttoinclude.pdf - the names of the files you want to add to the archive and split.

The files will be built and you will see output files that ends with thenameofmyarchive.part1.rar thenameofmyarchive.part2.rar, etc.

Extract them from the cli with
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rar x thenameofmyarchive.part1.rar
or with Ark or whatever you use for archives.

That's it.

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