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Re: segfault

Postby nodir » November 20th, 2018, 7:13 am

hard to beat:
1.7 MiB + 116.5 KiB = 1.8 MiB flac123

(same for mpg123 and ogg123, it seems, but not for gst123
I avoided those as i found no way to set them to the background and get the terminal back, never searched much either. Now i run them from the second tty.
One could, of course, argue that 15 MB for moc or aqualung or 2 for *123 don't make much of a difference these days, and i would agree. But with my hardware it makes a difference).
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Re: segfault

Postby nodir » November 20th, 2018, 10:46 am

nodir wrote:Some projects are completely insane: They simply put such info in the INSTALL or the README file (others don't even bother with such useless files at all).

Just ran in this, and i want to share it as an example how i think it should be done (in this case in the README file of the vorbis-tools):

All of the tools require libogg and libvorbis to be installed (along
with the header files). Additionally, ogg123 requires libao, libcurl,
and a POSIX-compatible thread library. Ogg123 can optionally compiled
to use libFLAC, and libspeex. Oggenc can be optionally compiled with
libFLAC, and libkate. The libraries libogg, libvorbis, and libao are
all available at

The libcurl library is packaged with most Linux distributions. The
source code can also be downloaded from:

FLAC is available at:

Speex is available at:

libkate is available at:

This is the first time i see it in such a comfortable, elaborate and clear form. No head scratching, no searching the web. You got all you need:
You know what deps you need.
You know why/for what you need them, or if at all.
You know where to find them.
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