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Postby nodir » October 23rd, 2018, 8:18 am

Not sure where else to put it.

I try to get the head in autotools, but all how-to's are very detailed.
What i am looking for is a more general info about the workflow.
As of now i think i mainly need the info about the creation of configure file

I used autoconf -fi, iirc, and sometimes that does the trick.
Now i read about and aclocal, and am confused.

The according INSTALL or README files usually say: just do ./configure; make; make install, but don't tell any more.

Is there a general workflow at all? Or does it depend on which files are given with the source ?

I can do ./configure --help; what would be the approach if autotools are used ? The same, after "configure" was created?

Stuff like that. Thanks a bunch.
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Re: autotools

Postby nodir » October 26th, 2018, 11:27 am

Something more detailed, though not related to autotools (but compiling in general).
I try to compile xdotool.
It builds fine, but when installing it it tries to install to /usr/bin/man ; wtf?
Going back and forth, i figured out, that the Makefile of xdotool uses:
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whatever the feck that might be, musl library doesn't seem to have ldconfig at all.
So i went to: ... SlackBuild
which does:
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make install yada-yada LDCONFIG=true

as far i understand to disable.
I got to the source directory and do it manually
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chroot# cd xdotool-3.20160805.1/
chroot# make
chroot# make install LDCONFIG=true

and that succeeds (woah!)

But if i do the very same in the recipe, it still does what it did in the very beginning (wants to install xdotool to /usr/bin/man )
recipe snippet:
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make -j${jobs}
    make -j${jobs} install LDCONFIG=true

did it back and forth, with PREFIX= and what not, but no luck ....
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