Grub not showing debian partition

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Grub not showing debian partition

Postby puertas12 » July 20th, 2019, 2:25 pm

I have a hard drive sda with 3 OSs:

- Windows 10
- Debian
- Ubuntu

After installing Ubuntu, Debian partition is not showing anymore. I tried to update the grub from Ubuntu:
Code: Select all
sudo update-grub
Debian is correctly detected in the sda6. However it is not displayed in the grub after restarting:
I have two questions:
1.- How can I restore the Debian entry in the grub?
2.- Is it possible to hide the entry sda1 and sda2?
When I installed Debian I created a separated boot partition. This is the content under this partition:
- Boot
- bootmgr
- 'System Volume Information'
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