Installing Linux in Jessie

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Installing Linux in Jessie

Postby newdebianuser » May 22nd, 2019, 11:18 am

I have a Debian Jessie system with iceweasel installed.

However, some limitations with iceweasel have been found.

The following was done to try to install firefox-esr in Jessie :-

apt update
apt install firefox-esr

However, the command "firefox-esr" is not known.

When I try "firefox", it doesn't work because it claims it is already running, which is not true, but Iceweasel is running
(and I wish to retain this at the moment) so it is equating Firefox with Iceweasel whereas I'd understood that they were
separate. Both need to run at the same time for various reasons.

I have now realised that firefox-esr in Jessie has the same package (60.6.2esr-1~deb8u1) as
iceweasel in Jessie (ref and

Hence this is why firefox-esr could not be installed on the Jessie system as iceweasel
was already installed.

I am still looking to install firefox while retaining iceweasel. There is a slightly later version
of firefox-esr available by upgrading to Stretch and also applying stretch-updates
(60.6.3esr-1~deb9u1) (ref

However, I now understand that firefox-esr is not a particularly good version of firefox,
as it lacks certain features and speed compared with firefox.

It seems that the only way for me to install firefox on a Debian system is to download it
from a Mozilla archive as a compressed file.

What is the best way to download the file (for a 64-bit system) ?

However, I am concerned that installing firefox in this way may upset the Jessie system as

it does not use the normal Debian package system used for installing software.

What are the pros and cons involved ?

Also will it be possible to run both firefox and iceweasel on the same system or will one interfere

with the operation of the other ?
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