firmware: where is b43/ucode15 ???  Topic is solved

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firmware: where is b43/ucode15 ???  Topic is solved

Postby datcam » February 25th, 2018, 12:25 am

I am installing Debian 9.3.0 on an HP mini 110, and it asks me for firmware files: b43/ucode15.fw, and b43-open/ucode15.fw in order to activate my Broadcom card and connect to the Internet. The only other computer I have to work with runs Windows, so I have to work with .zip files. So I downloaded what should be the correct file, from the Stretch folder; I unpacked it in Windows, into a folder named firmware on a USB stick. Normally, from what I understand, this should be the correct procedure. Yet, the Debian installer keeps asking me for the same two files just as if I hadn't done anything. Incidentally, the .iso file I am using to install Debian is the one with the firmware included, but that doesn't change anything either. I suppose these files could eventually be found elsewhere if I had a Linux machine at my disposal, for ex. in b43installer which I have read about, but I cannot do anything with those files. To the best of my knowledge, the is the only source I can unpack in Windows, and it doesn't work. So basically, I am stuck, here, and you guys are my only hope. Am I doing something wrong? Does anybody have another lead that I could follow?

Solved here:
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