Add Firefox addon & increase font size on Debian Top bar

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Add Firefox addon & increase font size on Debian Top bar

Postby satimis » September 1st, 2017, 10:47 am

Hi all,

I have been googling around and couldn't sort out:

1) How to increase the font size on Debian top bar
2) How to add add-on on Firefox

Please help.


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Re: Add Firefox addon & increase font size on Debian Top bar

Postby Monsie » September 3rd, 2017, 7:13 am

Hi Satimis,

In future, please ask one question at a time unless the two questions are related to a single issue or problem. Each issue or problem should be written up in a separate thread. This matters for when users are doing a search of the discussion forum in attempt to troubleshoot and problem solve their issues first before asking for help.

As for the top bar, I assume you are referring to the top panel in the Gnome Desktop Environment. If that is the case, the short answer is that you cannot alter the font size for the panel... --at least not without re-writing some code in the gnome-shell style sheet. The Gnome-Tweak Tool limits the changes to font size that can be made to the desktop and the panel is not one of the areas that is included in its feature set.

As for Firefox, if I understand your problem correctly, first, hit the F10 key to get to the browser menu, then in the menu goto Tools --> Add-ons--> then select Get Add-Ons and choose the particular add-on that you want. You will see a slider bar for the particular add-on you want and so you use the mouse to select it and move the slider to the right to enable it. Once enabled, the slider turns green and you will see a check mark to indicate the add-on is now active. To disable the add-on, then you would reverse the procedure and move the slider to the left.

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