disk Utility and LVM2

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disk Utility and LVM2

Postby techmedia » January 4th, 2020, 11:58 am

a curly question re: "Disk Utility"

When running under Wheezy - "Disk Utility" - 3.0.2 - i could list an "Encrypted Wheezy USB" (which is built using LVM2 using LUKS).
And it would show the entry, and allow the volume to be opened.
Release 7.4 (wheezy) 64-bit
Kernel Linux 3.2.0-4-amd64
"Disk Utility" 3.0.2
UDisk ???? udisks (1.0.4-7wheezy1) ???

I have now upgraded to Debian10, and the same encrypted USB - is not showing with the same features in the new Gnome "Disk Utility" 3.30.2

Release Buster 10
Kernel Linux
"Disk Utility" 3.30.2
UDisk 2.8.1

I tried Debian 10 - OS#1 - standard install - no luck
I tried Debian 10 - OS#2 - itself a LVM2 + LUKS install - (in a bid to see if the libraries installed might assist) - to no luck.

Screen shots attached.

I am unsure if this additional feature was introduced seamlessly into "Disk Utility" by something like "system-config-lvm 1.1.16".
aka. "logical volume management"
Which is unavailable to Debian10, it seems.

Any idea how to get this feature working again - or available to Debian10 ????



not sure how to insert and image.
my images show the USB listed as "Multi-disk Devices"
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