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Install problems

Postby phoenixcomm » November 9th, 2017, 9:03 pm

Hi I have tried to install Debian 9 on one of my PCs (It had Ubuntu with a Cinnamon Desktop ) So I grabbed the 64 bit Debian 9 / Cinnamon Live DVD. It comes right up. I get the nice first menu. and then it boots and asks for my username/password excepts them and then you can move the mouse but then nothing. So you have to reboot into maintenance mode.
during the install, it tries to grab a valid address via DHCP and FAILS as my network is static and the network for this system is at
in the Live CD session, everything goes smoothly, after I reset my network to its proper settings.
QUESTION? 1. where is the install button in the Live Session? :?
QUESTION? 2. How can I install Debian 9 with a static address so the box can set time, etc. :!:
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Re: Install problems

Postby fsmithred » November 13th, 2017, 12:30 pm

If there's no Install icon on the desktop or in the menu, you can select Install from the boot menu.

Select Expert Install (under Advanced) in the boot menu, and you will be allowed to set up the network manually.

Are you sure you have enough RAM to run Cinnamon?
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