Refracta no-dbus experiment

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Refracta no-dbus experiment

Postby fsmithred » June 15th, 2018, 11:57 pm

Refracta no-dbus build (experiment)

The subject of running without dbus comes up from time to time in various places. I decided to try it and see how far I could get. I started with a debootstrap install of devuan ascii, pinned dbus to a priority of -1, and proceeded to make the same changes as I do to make Refracta live isos. Normally, the Refracta isos use xfce, but that's not possible without dbus.

I was surprised to see how much did install without dbus. So I thought I'd share it. This build uses openbox, lxpanel, lxterminal and spacefm. Maybe someone will want to use it. Maybe it will inspire someone else to do something better. Feeback is welcome. ... 2_0156.iso




No display manager. Run 'startx' to get a desktop.

# These can be installed without dbus and without libsystemd0
rsync bash-completion busybox kbd locales firmware-linux-free deborphan unzip lvm2 cryptsetup sshfs \
hwinfo alsa-utils moc pppoeconf pppconfig pppoe ntfs-3g dosfstools curl \
live-boot live-config live-boot-initramfs-tools live-config-sysvinit squashfs-tools xorriso pmount pv \
syslinux syslinux-common syslinux-utils isolinux xz-utils gdisk parted hexedit iftop smartmontools lm-sensors \
hdparm testdisk fdupes irssi iptraf ethtool scrot wipe mlocate wireless-tools wpasupplicant \ # get libdbus-1-3 here
gddrescue screen feh hddtemp p7zip-full partimage pm-utils sysv-rc-conf tree wodim htop bzip2 whois \
lsb-release file setnet net-tools cifs-utils mdadm arp-scan \
dialog live-boot-doc live-config-doc refractainstaller-base refractasnapshot-base \
btrfs-tools btrfs-progs pciutils psmisc rename tcpd usbutils uuid-runtime dnsutils \
eject telnet usbutils util-linux-locales vrms mutt sudo

# These were installed after allowing libsystemd0
xorg openbox spacefm lxterminal lxpanel obconf lxappearance lxappearance-obconf lxrandr \
linux-headers-4.9.0-6-amd64 build-essential xserver-xorg-legacy xserver-xephyr xterm aptitude \
icewm xarchiver leafpad links2 xpdf mpv yad ***grub-of-your-choice***
x11vnc xtightvncviewer grsync bleachbit meld asunder winff \
mplayer ffmpeg volumeicon-alsa tilda geeqie dkms transmission-gtk gftp \
xserver-xorg-video-intel xscreensaver xinput libnotify-bin hexchat \
abiword hardinfo gdmap gimp geany firejail firefox-esr

deadbeef ... b/download
firemenu ... nu-1.2.deb
refracta2usb ... -2.3.6.deb
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