Procedure for initiating a vote.

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Procedure for initiating a vote.

Postby JohnDeere630 » March 30th, 2011, 4:54 pm

These guidelines were approved unanimously by the community as an orderly way for the community to implement forum changes of any type.

Step 1. Any member may start a thread in the discussion section, explaining the proposal and the reasoning behind it.

Step 2. Any member except the OP may, if he/she agrees with the proposal, second it. If he/she disagrees, they may, (hopefully, but not required, politely) express their disagreement. If they have a counter-proposal, see step not derail the OP's thread. If the proposal fails to be seconded in one week's time, it is considered null and void.

Step 3. If seconded, the member, or a staff member if requested, constructs a voting poll in the Voting section and voting begins, to run for one week.

Step 4. Proposal is voted on by members of the voting group. If the vote is carried, it is implemented immediately after the poll ends. If it is defeated, the proposal is considered null and void.
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