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Community Statement

Postby Admin » February 13th, 2011, 11:42 pm

Debian User Forums Community Statement
- Only the community may decide what is in it's best interest. To this end, the members set forth the following core principles:

1. Major decisions will be by the will of the membership. Decisions will be reached by a simple majority vote in an open and transparent manner.

2 .The administrators of the site serve at the pleasure of the community and are subject to impeachment by the membership should they abuse their position.

3. No member is more important than any other member.

4. We do not have moderators in the traditional sense here, we refer to our volunteers as Custodians. Administration of the board will be carried out as necessary, but any administrative action may be overturned by the community with a majority vote.

5. Each year, all Custodians will vacate their positions and a newly elected group will take on administrative responsibilities. Nominees may be put forth by any member.

6. Freedom of speech is a universal right. We feel this extends to a community forum also. In an effort to maintain civility, should a member become way out of line they may find themselves in the Cave of Banishment. The membership will then vote on the member's future as part of the community.

Welcome to
Where the community is in control.
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