[SOLVED]CPU and memory errors on new install.

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[SOLVED]CPU and memory errors on new install.

Postby galundrux » March 19th, 2018, 3:01 am

Hi. Sorry in advance for not being able to post any log files, I don't get to the prompt. I'm trying to install debian on a home desktop/server, this system was running debian before with no real problems, just reinsalling because my raid died.

First my hardware: Mobo is Asus z9pe-d8 ws, cpus are two xenon dual threaded six cores, 64GB ddr3 ram and there are two Nvidia graphics cards, one from the 7 series and one 1080 gtx, there are two SSDs that each has two partitions, two for swap and the other two set up in a software raid0 then an LVM to split it back up into root and home.

The install process works fine, I've done that part about 7 times now with no issues, I've tried both amd64 and i386 of stable and testing with similar results, allthough testing does seem to give more error messages.

The problem comes when I boot into the new system. The first error message is allways: BERT: Can't request iomem region <some long number>
Then I get a bunch of warnings about EEC not being enabled, seems to have something to do with Sandy Bridge.
Then it starts booting but it's very slow, repetedly hangs with error messages saying "kernel BUG: soft lockup - CPU stuck for 22s!", this allways referrences CPU (18) which I assume is the core since there are 24 total.
There is another messages that show up too but not as often, says "state detected stall on CPU (t=105060 jiffies)", or close, not sure about the number as I just googled the error.
Shuting it down is also very slow, took over 30 minutes before it unmounted the drives, after that it timed out and said it was forcing a reboot, but nothing happened and I eventually have to shut it down with the power button.

The motherboard self diagnosis says everything is fine when booting, no errors from there. The bios says everything is normal, temps and voltage seems normal. I tried booting an old version of Kali which I had lieing around on a diffrent harddrive, this boots very quick with no errors.

Is this 100% a hardware issue? Or could it be a kernel issue or missing driver or something? I didn't have this issue the last time I installed debian on it so I'm very worried it might be hardware, but I'm still hoping it's a software thing because I can't afford to buy new xenons right now. Could it be the SSDs? Or even the Nvidia cards? Anything at all I could look into would be helpful, maybe someone knows about this mobo and know if there are any bios settings that could cause this? Thanks.
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Re: [SOLVED]CPU and memory errors on new install.

Postby galundrux » March 19th, 2018, 8:07 pm

It was NVIDIA, adding "nomodeset" to the grub parameters solved this, I assume that now that I have the real drivers installed the parameter will no longer be needed.
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