Bomb proofing Debian (when ctrl-D pops up)

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Bomb proofing Debian (when ctrl-D pops up)

Postby Jethro_UK » March 19th, 2017, 2:23 pm

I'm messing around at the moment with Debian Wheezy. Ultimately, it will be run on a machine that will be physically difficult to access. Therefore, connectabilty is paramount.

In the course of messing, I have noticed that the bootup process seems sensitive to disks being available, and if disks are missing, for some reason I get a bootup prompt which invites me to login to continue (or press ctrl-D). At this point the machines network is not up, so all work needs to be done locally. Which is a PITA right now, but it it happens when the machine is locked away will be a major major PITA.

Is there a way to either ensure the network always comes up so SSH is available at the ctrl-D prompt , or alternatively skip over the issues about disks to get to a SSH-able system ?
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