gnome screen lock not working

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gnome screen lock not working

Postby drkarthikv » December 1st, 2016, 7:42 am

hello everyone,
I'am using the latest debian (stable) in dual boot with windows 10.
In debian I'am using 3 desktop environments Gnome, Kde and Cinnamon.
while using gnome I'am unable to lock the screen. Even after resuming from hibernation the screen turns on without asking for password. Screen lock is working fine with the other two DE's.
please help me out,
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Re: gnome screen lock not working

Postby Monsie » December 2nd, 2016, 1:00 am

Hello drkarthikv,

It is possible that a couple of settings are disabled when they should be enabled by default... so here is something to check:

Hit your alt + f2 keys to bring up a command window, then type:
Code: Select all
and hit the enter key

This will bring up the the editor for dconf which is a settings database for Gnome 3. On the left side you will see a drop down menu with many branches.
Drill down to: org-->gnome-->desktop-->lockdown. Then look at the settings on the right side and make sure the checkbox for disable-lock-screen is not checked. Next go to: org-->gnome-->desktop-->screensaver and look at the settings on the right side. This time look for a setting called lock-enabled and make sure that the checkbox is checked.

Now, close dconf editor then log out and see if the screen lock is working.

Hope this helps,
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