2560x1600 on 1 monitor, only 1920x1200 on other

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2560x1600 on 1 monitor, only 1920x1200 on other

Postby stpatryck » October 31st, 2016, 9:04 am

Hello there,

I have a dual monitor (Dell U3014) setup running Debian 8.6.0. Graphics card is MSI nVIDIA GeForce GT 730 (N730-2GD3V3), and I've installed the nVIDIA driver for Linux.

One of the monitors is connected via DVI and the other, HDMI.

The DVI monitor displays the full 2560x1600 resolution but I'm only getting 1920x1200 on the HDMI monitor. I've tried switching monitors, but got the same problem so I know it's not the monitors. Someone on another board suggested that maximum resolution on HDMI might only be 1920x1200 but I connected the monitor to my laptop via HDMI and got 2560x1600.

Any ideas why I can't get 2560x1600 on both monitors?
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