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Quick fix to associate mind map files with FreeMind

PostPosted: April 4th, 2016, 1:25 am
by Monsie
Hi all,

I have been using FreeMind on occasion to help me with brainstorming around a central idea or project for quite some time now. Recently, I was surprised to discover there was no association with mind map files and FreeMind. In other words, if I were to right click on a mind map created with FreeMind I could not select the program to open it. I discovered this situation only because I happened to put a copy of a mind map on my desktop given that I was working on a project with a friend and accessing the file frequently.

It turns out there is a simple fix. In fact, this bug has been known for several years, for example it was reported by the Ubuntu Community. That said, one would think that a debian packager might have made the fix since the debian team continues to offer the older FreeMind 0.9.0 version since Squeeze... --oh well. The fix appears to have been made in FreeMind 1.0.1

In any event, here is the fix: At the terminal as root, it involves editing the .desktop file for FreeMind. On the line that indicates the command to start FreeMind, one needs to add a space followed by: %U That's it. What this does is include the url parameter as the kind of files that FreeMind can work with since one can add hyperlinks to a mind map and also export any map to html format. Once again, in the FreeMind.desktop file, find the line:
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now,modify it to read:
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 Exec=/usr/bin/freemind %U


It will still be necessary to use "Open with" on the right click menu but FreeMind will now show up and is the recommended application for mind map files.


Re: Quick fix to associate mind map files with FreeMind

PostPosted: March 7th, 2017, 12:42 am
by CwF
I haven't tried freemind yet. I see the newer versions are not even in testing for stretch, or even sid. Any idea why? I started using cherrytree awhile back and it helps, but the visual layout of this looks interesting.

Ok never mind, I see freeplane is a current alternative, I'll play with that...