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Enabling "Places" on the Desktop top bar

PostPosted: May 30th, 2017, 1:22 am
by blubouns
Here I come again with some noob stuff (jump to the last line to avoid a discardable introduction). At some point yesterday I had kind of a crash in my session, it just got me back to log in window and when I entered again my "Applications" and "Places" tabs at top of the screen had disappeared. First I thought I could go on without them, but soon I was missing them so much, and some google searching didn't help me at all, some sudo commands that I am trying to avoid as I'm afraid playing too much with it back when I used Ubuntu had something to do with frequent system problems. In fact I have fallen some time to the temptation of using it and my terminal says that I am not in the sudoers list... that is a sign for me. So, I don't do sudo, I want easy, direct solutions or workarounds, with clicks.

Enabling Applications and Places tabs in Gnome desktop: as easy as opening Tweak Tool and turning them on in the Extensions section.