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Re: Systemd discussion

Postby cynwulf » July 5th, 2017, 1:35 pm

Yes, it's the subject of the FreeBSD forums thread I linked to.

'systemd-resolved' is just another example of poor coding/development practices and the usual tunnel vision. Literally every other implementation had adopted well known safe guards, years before. systemd developers simply ignored all of this.

I also found this one somewhat amusing:

(it should be embarrassing and it's depressing that they honestly can't see how farcical and shit it really is)

And from a recent thread on the daemonforums, on the same subject, this quote hits the nail on the head:
Among the things wrong with systemd is trying to re-invent the wheel without prior experience with wheels.

It surprises me that a previously well respected Linux 'provider' like Red Hat is even entertaining these clowns. But it's obvious that without the Red Hat backing and gnome (also Red Hat backed) connections, this shit really would not be going anywhere fast.

Money is power and it's this which allows shit code to be pushed out to the masses in favour of good code, which can be held back, stifled or bought off - all in the name of profit. From my perspective, Linux sold out years ago and those still hanging on in vain hope are simply deluding themselves and headed for big disappointment. But time will tell.
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Re: Systemd discussion

Postby cynwulf » July 30th, 2017, 7:10 pm

Big congratulations to systemd and Lennart in particular... ... ie_awards/

And sorry, but no I can't write my own init system, too busy playing with lego and playdough - plus it's far easier to just laugh at universtity educated "geniuses" who also can't write their own init system (or whatever it may be)...

But I'm sure it will be ok, because, ahem, everyone's using it...
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