Memory usage in different window managers

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Re: Memory usage in different window managers

Postby cynwulf » February 10th, 2015, 10:09 pm

I make minimal changes to the fluxbox menu - so long as my terminal emulator, browser and a few other things are at the top of the root menu, I don't bother modifying the rest of it.

I see you use a fancy terminal emu? I avoid those as you tend to get a ton of bloat into the bargain. For example, lxterminal and sakura: cairo, pango and gtk+2/gtk+3 ... just for a terminal emu... at least xfce4 terminal does not require cairo, but it's not much better. Of course all are light weight compared to konsole and gnome-terminal.

Configuring xterm to be a bit more attractive and useable beyond the default is not that difficult and it's far quicker to open and more responsive. I have the following in ~/.Xdefaults (might need to be in ~/.Xresources on newer

Code: Select all

If you want the scrollbar on the right
Code: Select all

(scrollbar is controlled with middle mouse/wheel)
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Re: Memory usage in different window managers

Postby mean_dean » February 11th, 2015, 12:24 am

I was trying to put together a gtk2 group of apps to make everything gtk2 pretty themed. So I went with lxterminal. It pulls in the least cruft as far as gtk2 terminals. Heck even now if I install xfce4-terminal it requires exo-utils libexo-1-0 libexo-common libexo-helpers libxfce4util-common libxfce4util4

I usually go with mrxvt as I like tabs and I like apps with seperate config files.
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Re: Memory usage in different window managers

Postby Lou » February 11th, 2015, 12:34 am

I usually end up running into some niggle with jwm...cant recall any specifically now tho...will have to try it again...

if you do after configuring jwm:
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 $ jwm -p

it will tell you if there are any errors (usually parsing)

just make sure the lines are aligned.
Code: Select all

  <Key mask="A" key="Tab">next</Key>
  <Key mask="" key="F4">close</Key>
  <Key mask="" key="F12">maximize</Key>
  <Key mask="4" key="Right">rdesktop</Key>
  <Key mask="4" key="Left">ldesktop</Key>

  <Key mask="" key="F1">exec:lxterminal</Key>
  <Key mask="" key="F2">exec:xfe</Key>
  <Key mask="4" key="f">exec:iceweasel</Key>
  <Key mask="" key="F5">exec:sudo /sbin/halt -p</Key>
  <Key mask="" key="F6">exec:sudo /sbin/reboot</Key>
  <Key mask="" key="F8">exec:xchat</Key>
  <Key mask="" key="F3">exec:medit</Key>
  <Key mask="" key="F7">exec:libreoffice</Key>
  <Key mask="" key="F10">exec:jwm -restart</Key>
  <Key mask="" key="Print">exec:lxterminal -e scrot -cd 10</Key>
  <Key mask="4" key="F1">root:1</Key>
  <Key mask="4" key="F2">exec:grun</Key>

  <Key mask="4" key="Down">>exec:amixer set Master 6%- </Key>
  <Key mask="4" key="Up">exec:amixer set Master 6%+ </Key>
  <Key mask=""  key="0">exec:amixer sset Master,0 toggle</Key>
Debian Jessie w/o systemd - icewm
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Re: Memory usage in different window managers

Postby mean_dean » February 12th, 2015, 11:26 pm

after trying jwm again I am finding it satisfactory

would prefer a plain text config file but oh well

Code: Select all
<?xml version="1.0"?>

   <RootMenu height="15" onroot="3">
      <Program icon="x.png" label="iceweasel">iceweasel</Program>
      <Program icon="x.png" label="mirage">mirage</Program>
      <Program icon="x.png" label="writer">soffice --writer</Program>
      <Program icon="x.png" label="calc">soffice --calc</Program>
      <Program icon="x.png" label="lxterminal">lxterminal</Program>
      <Program icon="x.png" label="gimp">gimp</Program>
      <Program icon="x.png" label="pcmanfm">pcmanfm</Program>
      <Program icon="x.png" label="geany">geany</Program>
      <Program icon="x.png" label="run">gmrun</Program>
      <Menu icon="x.png" label="mplayer">
      <Program icon="x.png" label="rock70s">xterm -e "mplayer /home/user/music/rock70s/*"</Program>
      <Program icon="x.png" label="rock80s">xterm -e "mplayer /home/user/music/rock80s/*"</Program>
      <Program icon="x.png" label="recent">xterm -e "mplayer /home/user/music/recent/*"</Program>
      <Restart label="restart" icon="x.png"/>
      <Exit label="exit" confirm="true" icon="x.png"/>

   <Tray  x="0" y="+1" height="32" autohide="false">
      <TrayButton label="##">root:3</TrayButton>
      <TaskList maxwidth="256"/>
      <Clock format="%H:%M">xterm</Clock>

<!-- Visual Styles START -->
<!-- Visual Styles END -->

   <SnapMode distance="10">border</SnapMode>
   <MoveMode coordinates="off">outline</MoveMode>
   <ResizeMode coordinates="off">outline</ResizeMode>
   <Key mask="A" key="F2">exec:gmrun</Key>


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