MS still up to the same old tricks...

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MS still up to the same old tricks...

Postby cynwulf » January 18th, 2018, 2:47 pm

Yes, Microsoft is very “excited” about patent extortion against GNU/Linux. They just say it with a smile and euphemistically call it “Azure IP Advantage”.[...]

As Microsoft also controls some of the [patent] trolls, it can help determine who gets sued. The potential for abuse is vast.

Don’t expect Red Hat or Canonical or even the Linux Foundation to say anything about it. The Linux Foundation is far too busy sucking up to Microsoft this week, having received Microsoft cash for silence and complicity. Even when Microsoft attacks Linux with patents the Linux Foundation will say nothing at all because these attacks often come from proxies, just as the OIN’s CEO [Keith Bergelt] warned us a long time ago.
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