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Postby nodir » October 27th, 2018, 2:28 pm

Some might remember, i did quite a bit of i2p back in the days.
Then came systemd, and i was busy finding a good distribution (also busy with real life, nervous breakdown and other fun stuff ).
I found:
i2pd arrived in the debian (non-stable) repos, also found it in other distros.
Fooling around with it again (doesn't work that well yet ...) i thought i might write a little how-to.
But here are the good news: It ain't needed. Just as there is the tor-browser-bundle, there is also one for i2p:

i2pd is the C++ version of the (usually) Java version.
Here it is easy on ressources, compared with the Java version.
But the web-console lacks the comfort the Java version offers (easy access to Mail, Torrents, your own Eepsite, etc; iirc).

I didn't try the browser-bundle yet.
Another warning:
compared with i2p tor is a speed monster ...
if you got a raspberry or such it is cool for torrents though.

If you test it:
identiguy.i2p has quite some links.
i2pwiki.i2p (or such) has good how-tos and links too (right now it ain't running. Go to identiguy.i2p and search for wiki).
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