Trouble with Bootloader after dismanteling

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Trouble with Bootloader after dismanteling  Topic is solved

Postby 145tree145 » October 24th, 2017, 3:33 pm

I have a Lenovo G780 Laptop which is having Bootloader Issues after the following happend:
I had my laptop together with a bottle of water in my backpack and I forgot to close the bottle. :oops: Luckily I was fast enough at home to dismantle the Laptop and dry it. The only two parts which was in the water are the Power Jack and a Part of the screen. Especially the hard drive had stayed dry. Overnight I made a backup from the drive and reassembled all together. After starting the machine the POST test was OK but I got a screen which told me that there is no bootable device available. After that I started the system from a usb disc with Ubuntu live without any problem. Hardware seems ok.
Other facts which are important in my opinion:
-BIOS Time is correct(I checked before booting with Ubuntu) --> BIOS Battery was not empty
-I checked the hard drive partitions with EFI on it for bad sectors with badblocks -v --> All Blocks seem OK
-I mounted the disc with Ubuntu on the Laptop
-The disc partitioning is a bit creepy I have the EFI bootloader on the fourth partition of the disc(I don't know why I did this when I set up the system)
-The system setup is 3 years old and was running without any Problem I relate to this Issue
Because I don't know much about the booting process of Debian I’m asking here for help.
I hope you can help me or give me a hint.
lg Flo
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Re: Trouble with Bootloader after dismanteling

Postby 145tree145 » October 24th, 2017, 6:23 pm

I solved it on my own. The reason was that the bootloader in the EFI partition has been missing. I solved it by reinstalling grub. But i don't know what caused a perfectly working boot loader on a perfectly working hard drive to be deleted.
lg Flo
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