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Direction on Email

Postby danallenhtn » January 16th, 2016, 6:08 am

I hope this is not a curse saying this, but I am a web developer, old as dirt. When I started making web pages, programmers never were allowed to have cool accounts on servers, unless they owned a company. Now, I have spun up, run and destroyed 20-30 vps servers in the last few years, most of them linux, most of them ubuntu, but I have seen the light and I am pleased now to be onto Debian. I am running Wheezy on one server with 15 domains and Wheezy on another server that has backups of everything on the other server.

I need to start running email for some of these domains. It has to be the kind of email that gets delivered, not mistaken for spam. I have some handle on what goes into that but what I really don't know is what software to use for sending mail.

I tried installing PEAR mail on ubuntu a few months ago, and that wrecked the server. Is it just me, or is PEAR involved with more than just the apps it offers? Seems like PEAR wants to own the server and that seems to complicate the other forces already installed.

Everything I do server side is php and bash. My clients need to send mail to their clients.

For awhile we tried Plesk. The maik it sent was fine, but it would not send mail it submitted to itself, because the Plesk webspace domain was not matching the website domain, it was nuts.

So now I have apache with virtual hosts running basically normal. php 5.6, I guess we need to upgrade to 7. MySQL 5.whatever... so for mail....

Is there a yellowbrick road to mail success someone can point out? 30 books to read?

I am pretty open to anything anyone wants to suggest.

I have noticed, debian people seem to know things better than anyone else, and the software is the best os, no doubt about that. Makes being a newbie not so humiliating.

Thank you in advance.
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