Jessie Release Date: 2015-04-25

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Jessie Release Date: 2015-04-25

Postby jheaton5 » April 1st, 2015, 1:36 pm

From Niels Thykier

Jessie Release

We now have a target release date of Saturday the 25th of April. We
have checked with core teams, and this seems to be acceptable for
everyone. This means we are able to begin the final preparations for
a release of Debian 8 - "Jessie".

The intention is only to lift the date if something really critical
pops up that is not possible to handle as an errata, or if we end up
technically unable to release that weekend.

Please keep in mind that we intend to have a quiet period from
Saturday the 18th of April. Bug fixes must be *in Jessie* before

RC bugs not fixed in time

Should you have any RC bug fixes that misses the deadline please
contact the Stable Release Team via a "pu" bug against the pseudopackage, including a debdiff of the current
and proposed source packages.

Please note that removals can still occur. In particular, the
automatic removal from testing remains active! We currently have
*at least* 12 RC bugs eligible for automatic removal before the

Got an RC bug you cannot live with?

Fix it. Fix it now! :)


* unfixed RC bugs in key packages, please see [1].

* unfixed RC bugs in non-key packages, please see [2].
- These might be automatically removed before the release.

* fixed RC bugs pending unblock from RT, please see [3].

* fixed RC bugs, which are unblocked, please see [4].
- Might be waiting for d-i acks, etc.

On behalf of the Debian Release Team!

[1] ... ml#results

[2] ... ml#results

[3] ... ml#results

[4] ... ml#results
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Re: Jessie Release Date: 2015-04-25

Postby Roel » April 1st, 2015, 3:54 pm

Is this the first time ever Debian sets a release date, or an April 1st joke?
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Re: Jessie Release Date: 2015-04-25

Postby Buntunub » April 2nd, 2015, 11:35 pm

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Re: Jessie Release Date: 2015-04-25

Postby caulfield » April 18th, 2015, 8:07 am

If I remember correctly, a similar attempt was made around Wheezy (though they narrowed it to a whole weekend and then released it saturday morning, something like that). I guess they thought bugfixes will go faster. with 70+ bugs I can't see it being released on the 25th.
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