Short List of Bugs Affecting Jessie and Sid

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Short List of Bugs Affecting Jessie and Sid

Postby jheaton5 » January 2nd, 2015, 5:23 pm

Release Critical Bugs - Short List
See if you can find all the bugs that relate to systemd. Bugs not fixed close to release will result in the packages removed from Jessie. Hmm. Pottering and Seiver do not fix bugs, it's beneath them. But, I can't see the release team pulling systemd, can you? Wouldn't that be a hoot?
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Re: Short List of Bugs Affecting Jessie and Sid

Postby Randicus Draco Albus » January 4th, 2015, 8:49 am

My non-technical eyes see three systemd and three Gnome bugs, unless slapd is also a systemd package. Perhaps a half-year delay while the bugs are squashed? That would be good news for Squeeze users, because it would extend the support life for Squeeze. :D
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